our team

Our Team

You are welcome in the corridors of m/s Space where you would find integrations of concept, idea and implementation with innovation in stipulated time with entire satisfaction of our valuable client.

It’s space around us and space we play with. It’s the emptiness which needs to be recreated, and to do this there are uncountable ways in the world of creativity. And that’s where we define our uniqueness. But what makes us different from the rest? It’s the willingness we put into each and every thing that we design. It’s the limits to which we are willing to push ourselves to create the perfect surrounding, the perfect combinations, and the perfect mood.

When we want to put an idea into reality, we go in generating it with the utmost dedication till what we desire is what we get. We believe that everything you see in your environment needs to be a reflection of you, a relation to an emotion you’ve felt. Setting goals higher each time to elevate the expectations of our clients is at the root of what we do. When you come to us, you come with a dream. We here, do everything to bring that proud smile on your face upon seeing the concrete of your dream right before you. “SABAHAT KHAN”